Stopped Saying Words

by Melissa

My little boy of 7 months seems to have stopped saying words he started saying at about 5 months old. He starting saying "dada' from about 5 months, but at 7 months now he doesn't say it anymore. Should I be concerned? Can you suggest anything that I can do right now to help?

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by: Anonymous

My guess is that he was practicing reduplicated babbling and has moved on to other consonants and combinations. 5 Months is where you would see that and even that is early.

Stopped talking at 9 months
by: Jeni

We have the same predicament as my baby boy also stopped talking at 9 months. When he was 7 months old he started to mumble mama, dada and tita, but then stopped at 9 months. Now he's already 11 months old and all he can say are A A A A A and ES ES ES. I was also worried about it, because I have talked to one of my neighbors and she said too much immunization can delay baby's speech. I was surprised by her comment and it made me think. I realized that after my baby had a flu vaccine shot he stopped talking. I don't know if I should blame it to the vaccine or it's normal.

Maybe You Should Try This
by: Courtney K

I would not be too concerned as this is mostly normal. My daughter did the same thing. Now she has started talking again and does it even better. There are items out there, such as the

V-Smile Baby
range, that I find helps a lot for teaching a baby to learn words and many other skills! Maybe you should give it a try.

Baby Stopped Saying Words
by: Anonymous

I think if your baby stopped saying words this is not necessarily something to worry about. You can encourage baby to speak and you can expect good results reasonably quickly. Most often your baby will talk and say words while playing rather than when you 'ask' to say. Focus on things you can do right now to encourage talking.

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