Stuffy nose

by Esther Kiarie
(Nairobi, Kenya)

My daughter is 7 months and constantly experiences a stuffy nose. In her fourth and fifth month she went underweight. I took her to hospital and was put on Calcium syrup and Vitamin D drops. Now she is doing fine. However, she has always had stuffy nose especially at night and there is no mucus or runny nose. She is able to breastfed though but I am concerned. Is this sinuses or what maybe something else? Is there anything specific I can do to help?

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Stuffy nose tips
by: Reena

Here are 3 stuffy nose tips that could work. I am not sure how she has a stuffy nose if there is neither any mucus nor runny nose ? but I suppose you mean it is like a blocked nose with no discharge.

If that is what you mean, then I think every mother feels... Oh I wish I could somehow blow that nose for him or her! Thing is, babies have small nostrils and also they cannot blow their noses so it is common for them to have stuffy noses. If the baby is otherwise well, has no other symptoms and is eating enough then perhaps you need not worry.

If it seems to be worrying the child you could
- Run a humidifier or vaporizer in the room to loosen the mucus
- Use a saline solution as nasal drops
- Or a suction bulb to suck out the mucus

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