Stuffy nose

by Yasmin

Does anyone know how I can relieve my baby's stuffy nose. He's 2months & 1week old today and lately he gets really tired drinking his milk. He sounds like a little piggy. I feel so sorry for him!

Does anyone know what I can do to help? And why is he like this? Does he have a cold? I don't take him out of the house. Please let me know what you all think I should do.

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Nasal drops
by: Anonymous

I have a 3 month old that was like this. The health nurse said he was fine to give him some nasal drops, which I did. This worked brilliantly. You can get them at any chemist.

Saline drops
by: Shay

This may sound funny, but saline drops in his nose will help. My daughter has been suffering with the same thing and she is 16 weeks right now. Her doctor confirmed she has sinus problems and suggested I drop saline solution in her nose. I dropped a few drops in each nostril and about 3 to 5 minutes later she was breathing better. Just put it to the test. I dropped some in my husband?s nose and he dropped some in my nose and yep it worked for both of us. It?s probably not a permanent cure, but it will work for a while.

Two possible reasons
by: Anonymous

There are two possible reasons your baby may have a stuffy nose if he is not sick:

When a baby spits up, the milk goes into their nose causing them to have milk boogers. They are generally white in color. You can use non medicated saline drops and a nasal aspirator to remove the snot from the baby's nose.

If you have the heat on in the house, it can cause the baby to have a stuffy nose and even a dry cough. My pediatrician recommends that whenever the heat is on in the home, you should always use a cool mist humidifier when the baby sleeps.

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