Attention New Moms: If you keep a record of your baby's milestones in a baby book... discover just how important that tool is:

6 Baby Milestones Your Child Absolutely Must Accomplish Correctly - Even If “Experts” Say It’s Ok To Skip Some Of Them!

: Dalene Joubert
Re: Tracking Your Baby's Physical Milestones

Dear New Mom,

How well do you understand baby milestones? Take this short quiz and find out:

Your baby is five months old. According to your baby books, he should be rolling over by now. Your baby is not the active type. He seems to enjoy watching the world around him, but doesn’t try to move his body very much. One day, you notice your baby pushing up into a sitting position.

What do you do? (Pick only one answer)

(a) Brag to your baby’s grandparents, your closest friends and anyone who will listen that your baby is a genius because he skipped rolling over and is now sitting up.

(b) Nothing. Each baby is different and develops in his or her own unique way.

(c) Schedule a visit to the pediatrician. Your baby is trying to sit up without rolling over first and therefore, something might be wrong.

If you’re like most parents, you’ll probably answer (a) - you would brag and feel proud because you take it as a sign that your baby is progressing “faster than average.” By skipping baby milestones, your baby must be ahead of his peers. If you answered (a), give yourself 0 points. This is a common myth, as you'll find out below.

If your answer was (b), give yourself 0 points. Yes, it’s true that each baby has his or her own development speed. However, the development track is the same for every baby. Some babies are slightly faster or slower than others, but it is not normal or acceptable for a baby to have her own track. All children go through the same developmental stages and in the exact same order - your baby included.

If you answered (c), give yourself 10 points. Congratulations, this is the correct answer! Read on to find out why.

So... how did you do on our baby milestones quiz?

What You Need To Know About Your Baby’s Physical Development

If you didn’t do too well, don’t despair. Baby milestones are often misunderstood - even by child development experts themselves!

You see, your baby’s physical milestones are crucial signs that show whether your baby is developing normally - or whether your baby is having delays, delays which can affect her entire life.

Not many so-called child experts will tell you this: Your baby must go through six key physical milestones in his first year of life. These six milestones are like SCAFFOLDING, each building on the previous one. They give your child the foundation he needs for optimal learning and growth - for the rest of his life.

The six key physical milestones are:
1. Head control
2. Rolling
3. Sitting unaided
4. Crawling
5. Standing
6. Walking

Many parents can get quite alarmed when their baby is late in reaching any of these milestones. They compare their baby to the next and stress out that their child is a slow learner.

But if their child skips one milestone and moves on to the next, many parents have the opposite reaction: they feel proud that their child has bypassed some skills and simply rushes to the next. “My baby walked without learning how to crawl. Surely, my child must be gifted!”

This is a dangerous belief!

Your baby needs to learn and master each physical milestone before moving to the next. Each milestone opens up a new world of learning experiences for your baby. If your baby skips a milestone, or does not master it, then your baby will miss crucial learning experiences as well. And something will go wrong later on...

What’s The Big Deal About Skipping
A Milestone Anyway?

Let’s look at our quiz as an example. When your baby learns to roll over, a whole new world opens up to her. Suddenly, she can change her position and get a different view. She gets more visual stimulation. This creates more connections in her brain as she learns more about the world around her.

By rolling over, you baby can find more interesting things by herself, without waiting for somebody else to move her. Thus, her increasing control over her environment gives her more confidence and encourages her to explore even more.

By rolling over, your baby makes her upper body and hip muscles stronger. These pave the way for her to eventually learn how to sit up and move onto her next physical milestones.

No wonder, I’ve found that babies who have problems learning how to roll over eventually have problems with balance, stability, coordination and even writing later in life!

You should also look at developmental delays or absences seriously, because they can be a sign of more serious problems. Let’s take for instance, the child who skips crawling and goes straight to walking. Some experts will tell you this is perfectly normal, that some kids just don’t crawl.

But the absence of crawling in some babies has been linked to lower reading skills later in life. It’s not that the absence of crawling causes babies to be poor readers.

Rather, the absence of crawling is caused by the same problem that leads to poor reading - something called Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex. The child with TLR will also have problems in math and other physical problems. So the sooner you recognize this problem in your child, the sooner you can do something about it.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

As an occupational therapist for 24 years, I see hundreds of children every year who need help to develop basic skills. By the time I see them, they have shown unmistakable signs of developmental problems... signs too obvious for any child care expert to miss.

This means the problems have been going on for some time, and we must now work much harder to help the child overcome them.

With babies, the earlier you can spot a problem, the better your child’s chances of overcoming them. In fact, studies have shown that it is often possible to get your baby’s development back on track through remedial actions that can be done at home by parents and other caregivers.

I wish I could tell you and every other parent that there are less obvious signs you can watch out for...

... that you can do a lot of easy things while your babies are young to make sure your babies are growing properly, and to avoid potential problems, or even head them off before they become big ones.

I want to let you know how easy and enjoyable it is to encourage your babies’ natural physical growth, before minor problems become bigger ones that need professional help.

This is why I have written “How to Get Your Baby Physically Superb.” This ebook is your handy guide to your baby’s physical development. At only 79 pages, this ebook is a quick read for busy parents like you. I’ve made it compact but information-filled:
  • It focuses on the 6 key physical milestones, so you won’t be overwhelmed with too much child development information.
  • It lets you know what to expect in your child’s physical development, so you know what’s normal and what could possibly be a problem.
  • It tells you what activities you can do with your baby to encourage your baby to progress through each of the six key milestones on time and with mastery.
It Answers My Questions About My Baby's Development

Like every mom we're always wondering whether our baby is reaching every milestone on time and we also wonder how we could help them along.

"How To Get Your Baby Physically Superb" is a practical guide which is written perfectly for us parents. It answers my questions about my baby's development. It is simple and fun to read,and has many great tips!

Thanks Dalene for giving us this information.

Cathy Luna

Learn How To Nurture Your Baby’s Physical Development At Home, And Have Fun Doing It!

This ebook isn’t about becoming obsessed about your child’s physical progress. It's about nurturing your baby and having fun.

By studying this ebook, you’ll become the expert on your own child. You’ll know how your baby is developing physically. You’ll know which activities, toys and ordinary household objects you can use to encourage your baby to reach each milestone - and to master each one before moving on to the next.

You’re a busy new Mom, so I’ve made this ebook super easy for you to use. Just read the chapter that applies to your baby. Go over the tips. Gather the materials you’ll need. It could be as simple as a rolled up towel; no need to buy anything special. Then do the recommended activities when you’re with your child.

Simple and easy. And fun!

Sometimes, you’ll see progress in your baby very quickly. Then you’ll know that
you’re on the right track. So you move on to the next chapter.

You’re having fun and providing a stimulating and supportive environment for your baby at the same time. What better way to bond with your child?

With "How to Get Your Baby Physically Superb":

  • You’ll have peace of mind, because you know what to expect as your baby grows, and when there might be a problem.

  • You’ll be an empowered Mom - you know what to do to help your baby develop faster and reach his full physical potential

  • You know you’re giving your baby your very best, no matter how busy you are.

  • You’ll know when you should be concerned and consult a trained professional.

  • Enjoy the time you’re spending with baby, knowing you’re engaging in skill-building activities.

  • You’re the expert on your baby: you know your baby best.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in “How to Get Your Baby Physically Superb”:

My 2-step plan for having a physically superb baby - so simple, any new
      parent can do it
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Why mastery of a milestone is just as important as doing it on time - most
     baby books don't give this crucial information
(page 9)

Why head control is THE vital milestone - don’t make the same mistake
     most parents make
(page 24)

Tips and tricks to encourage rolling - these are easy but effective, why
     complicate things?
(page 33)

How to correct “frog style” sitting - and get your baby on the right path to
(page 43)

The best ways to stimulate crawling - don’t let your baby miss this crucial
     but often overlooked milestone
(page 50)

Why your baby should master standing unaided - what it really means for
     baby to know how to get up on her own
(page 66)

Easy things you can do to encourage walking - you’re at the homestretch of
     your baby’s first year!
(page 70)

The real deal with baby walkers - let’s settle this issue once and for all
(page 72)

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Dalene's Information Works

Being a single first time mom I have a ton of questions and concerns.  I am always in search of answers. Which of course takes time that I don't have. 
Dalene gives me information that works and saves lots of time.

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Sincerely yours,

Dalene Joubert
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You might be wondering...

There are so many child care books out there. Why should I read this one?

The problem with most child care books is that they provide a lot of good information - sometimes, way too much for a busy new parent. This ebook condenses and organizes what you need to know about your baby’s physical development in the first 12-14 months of his/her life. It’s a quick read, easy to understand and easy to fit into your life.

Click here to order "How to Get Your Baby Physically Superb"

If my baby has a problem, wouldn’t my pediatrician tell me? be able to tell?

Your pediatrician doesn’t spend as much time with your baby as you do. Of course, if you suspect any problem, you should let your pediatrician know right away. But in every day life, it’s important for you to be equipped and knowledgeable of what’s normal and what isn’t in your child’s development. You’re also in the best position to provide the right stimulation and support to help your baby along and make sure she reaches all her physical milestones.

Click here to order "How to Get Your Baby Physically Superb"

Why should I help my baby’s progress along? Wouldn’t he reach his milestones if left to his own devices?

Unfortunately not always. Without a supportive environment, a baby will not grow to his full potential. Some of the things we take for granted can impede our babies’ development - such as putting our babies to sleep on their backs. In recent years, parents have been told to always put their babies down on their backs to sleep, to reduce the likelihood of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. While this is sound advice that certainly helps save children’s lives, the result has been that many babies no longer have enough opportunity to strengthen their necks and backs enough to progress smoothly through their physical milestones.

So unless you know how to provide the nurturing environment for your baby’s body and mind, you could be putting your baby at a disadvantage.

About Dalene Joubert
Dalene is a wife, mother and occupational therapist who specializes in working with children, from newborn to 10 years old. She is passionate about helping children achieve their full potential and develop their natural skills and abilities - instead of pressuring them into super-achievers. She keeps her therapies fun and exciting, which is why most of her young clients think of their sessions as play.

Through her website, and digital publications, Dalene seeks to help parents learn practical strategies to support and encourage their children's natural development while having fun and creating memories.
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