Teething For 3 Months

by Lori

My little girl has been teething for 3 months now. She is 7 months 2 weeks old. I just want to know why this process keeps stopping. I know she is miserable whenever it begins, but around the third day it just stops all together for about a month then starts again. Will she ever get a tooth I wonder?

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It Probably Isn't All Teething
by: sta

As a pediatrician, I see this frequently. At 4mos babies have many developmental behaviors that parents mistake for teething.

At 4mos baby's secretions naturally increase, they drool more and if they cry they make more tears. They also get control of their arms and hands and can now bring things to their mouths. They chew on things as a method of discovery and exploration because the connections from mouth to brain are very strong early on so they mouth things to learn about them.

Most babies may get teeth at 6mos or so usually the bottom front first. So the last month or so is more likely true teething.

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