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First Name: Holly from
I quite simply love this site!  Being a single first time mom I have a ton of questions and concerns.  I am always in search of answers... which of course takes time that I don't have. Dalene sends me information that is so pertinent and wonderful. It takes a lot of the search work out of it for me. I learn things I didn't even realize I needed to know. Dalene you are a true blessing. Thanks you for all the help.

First Name: Scott from 
Your emails are great! Thanks for making me aware of how important it is that my daughter learns each step.

We are having fun rolling a around. She's 7 months and doesn't crawl yet but she quite proficient at rolling and pivoting to get around on the carpet.

I taught her how to roll from being on her belly to rolling to her back by playing peek-a-boo. I turned her facing away from me so she couldn't see me and then call her and ask her where she was hiding. When she turned over I'd say peek-a-boo and give her a hug when she was successful. I got big smiles! Gradually she just went from being on her side to her back and then from her belly to on her back.

I would never have thought to encourage her unless I got your emails. Thank you.

First Name: Aydz from
Dear Dalene, I really like your baby development site. It helps me monitor my baby's monthly development. I am able to check if my baby is developing normally like any other babies his age. It's one of the exciting things I look forward to every time I open my email... to visit your site. Your site helps me with what to do and how to help my baby develop normally. Keep on sending more baby development email. Thank you.

First Name: Nkiru from
This site is highly informative and true to life. As a first time mum, it took away so many confusions I had about my baby's development.

First Name: Esra from
I came across your web site as I was searching info on baby sleeping problems. Although I've already a member of many newsletters, websites etc. (such as BabyCenter,, BabyWeekly) I needed to search further for some more detailed info… and your site was the only one I was satisfied with.

First of all the topics listed on the left side are well organized.

Secondly in each of them, the information is just to the point.

It is not full of unnecessary advertisements or endless links.. The most important thing I look for within a website is that "I must find the information as soon as possible". It's obvious that mostly "parents" are using these kind of websites. And "parents" are the kind of people who have least time though! So it is good that I do not get lost in never-ending links.

First Name: Peter Wong from
Your articles on child development are very informative to us, especially for a first time parents like me. Hope you will continue your good effort.

First Name: Safiatou
Hi Dalene; I loved your eCourse. I especially loved all the suggestions you made about helping babies to learn to sit, crawl and so on. I have faith and I know my sweetheart with catch up at some point. Great course!

First Name: Alice from 
Your site is quite informative! I have personally benefited a lot, especially about premature babies as I had a preemie. Thanks so very much.

First Name: Kelly from
Great website and keep it coming!!!

First Name: Mala from
Thank you so much for sending baby updates on developments plus all the great services that I get from your website. I really find it very useful and handy.

First Name: Fritzie Faith N. Abangan from
Thanks for this site. I learned a lot about kids.

First Name: Deidrea from
I LOVE the daily emails. As a first time parent, I need all the help and advice I can get. Keep up the good work!

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