Tiptoe walking

by Darlene Jones

My 13 month old granddaughter doesn't walk yet. She tiptoe walks even in her walker. She is a twin and her twin sister just started walking and she walks flat footed. Anything I could be doing right away that will help?

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Walked on tip toes
by: Anonymous

My first son at the age of 13 months walked on tip toes! I took him to the doctor who suggested walking shoes! They have them at Walmart for 15
dollars! They are not very cute, but they really worked wonders for him! He is five years old now, walks normally and runs everywhere. I think
what caused it was him walking in a walker. (**Comment by Dalene** Also, have a look at our baby walker article confirming this opinion). I would really suggest trying the walking shoes first to see if they help!

Walking on my toes
by: Danae

I was born at 24 weeks and had tight tendons, as well. When I was four or so, I began walking on my toes. The doctors claimed that this is common with young children, or a phase... which I agree with, but then it got worse. I began to walk on my TOES rather than the ball of my foot. So, we went to Scottish Rite in Dallas and they said that because I was born prematurely, my Achilles tendons did not develop properly. Therefore, they would not stretch as they should when I grow older. I had to have one tendon stretched at 5 years old and both at 12 years old. I feel as if I need one stretched again because of the lack of mobility I am experiencing, but that is a very common result of premature birth. Hope this helped!

Tiptoe walkers
by: Debbie

Be careful with tiptoe walkers. Most will learn to use their feet, but for the ones who do not... make sure you are always aware to make them walk heal to toe. My son was a tiptoe walker we tried everything to get him to walk heal to toe over the years and now he is nearly 20 with medical issues with his feet. They must be taught heal to toe if they do not do it themselves. This will save them a lot of pain, expense shortened muscles and the list goes on. Never panic, but I seriously suggest you consult a GP if concerned.

Walking on Tip Toes
by: Anonymous

Here is our baby's walking on tip toes experience. I have a 9 month old who was born at 34 weeks gestation and had very tight Achilles tendons, along with bi-lateral foot inversion and weakness in his legs. The top of his butt crack veered off to the right and he had a deep dimple in the crack. He was diagnosed with "Tethered Spinal Cord", which caused these things. He just had surgery to release his "tethered cord" a week ago. The neurosurgeon said it was tightly tethered and that we should see quite a bit of improvement in a few months once he has healed completely. We has already started using his legs and placing his feet flat on the floor while playing in his bouncer. We have seen improvement already.

Tip toe walk
by: Anonymous

Lots of babies tip toe walk at first, often up to 18 months old. Sometimes however it can be because of a slightly short Achilles tendon in the heel or tight ankle muscles. Another possible cause could be a difficult birth. Were the twins born prematurely? Does the baby ever walk flatfooted? I suggest if this is causing you real worry that you get your granddaughter checked over by a pediatrician who will be able to advise you. Meanwhile enjoy your two beautiful granddaughters.

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