Toe Walking

by JK

How big a problem is toe walking? My son will be 11 months old next week and has been cruising around the furniture or pushing toys, but is always up on the ball of his foot/ tippy toes - never flat footed. Is this anything to worry about?

When he is standing and playing I will sometimes go over and push his heels down but he only stays that way for a second or so. I plan on asking his doctor at his 1 year check, but his Daycare mentioned it and now has me worried. He is a happy little guy and does not have any developmental delays. Should we see his doctor sooner?

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Walking on tiptoes
by: Anonymous

Walking on tiptoes may not be anything to worry about, since most babies do it from time to time, particularly when they are learning to walk.

However if baby is doing this consistently there could be one or two problems that may be responsible (though they may not be, of course).

If the baby was born prematurely then there are some chances that it could be caused by a motor disorder. And sometimes walking on tiptoes is caused a short Achilles tendon, so that babies find it difficult to walk normally.

But I am sure that speaking to your doctor will put your mind at rest.

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