Too Quick Milestone Development A Problem?

Is too quick milestone development a problem? My wife and I are proud parents of a sweet and social 1 year old boy.

He started full out walking at 8 months... has surpassed all of his friends 6 months older in running and motor skills.

He has had a few "night terrors". And everybody tells us he is very advanced and way too young to be doing these things.

He hugs, kisses, smiles all the time.

We probably have nothing to worry about, but from what we hear from other Moms and Dads worries us that maybe this advancement could be related somehow to autism?

We haven't had our 1 year checkup yet... so we just thought we would throw this out there and see what y'all have to say.

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Advanced child
by: Anonymous

Some children just progress faster then others. My first son was walking by 10months on his own he never even crawled. But he did a low scoot. Sadly at 2.5 my son had a stroke which blew us away and now suffers from short term memory lost.

Take it from me if your child is advanced and has direct eye contact, can turn head when you call him he is probably not autistic, just intelligent. I have 2 family members with autistic children, and yes, they are very smart. Before he was two he was grouping baby food jars by color.

Autistic children are often smart, but they usually have no eye contact and do not turn when they are called. And they are not social characters at all.

Autism - definitely not!
by: Anonymous

Don't even worry about autism (I'm surprised you have even entertained the idea ). Relax, your son just sounds very bright. Enjoy him.

Smart Boy
by: Anonymous

I wondered the same thing about my son. Do people also accuse you of being overly pushy for your child to learn rather than his abilities just being natural for him?

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