Top Baby Toys For All-Year Stimulation and Fun

top baby toys

The top baby toys list I've given below, is what I believe to be some of the best "evergreen" development and stimulation aids for babies.

These toys are not listed in any particular order of priority. Also, for all the best and most suitable age for each of these toys, I strongly suggest you refer toA 5 Minute Toy Guide For Babies.

Top Toys #1

Today we change pace a little bit by looking at something for thenewborns to at least about 9 months. It's simple, but oftenoverlooked in terms of learning ability...

Let's have a closer look.

Ever wondered what it is about a rattle that interests a childeven in her early months?

A rattle is much more than a noisy toy. It is a great tool instimulating almost all the senses of a child and teaching her howto play independently.

Sassy LeapFrog Baby Curious Crab Rattle is one such rattle, whichis ideal for children from birth onwards.

Here's what's great about this toy…Top Baby Toys

Safety - A rattle is a toy, which is common right from babyshower onwards and so of course needs to be completely safe forchildren right from birth.

TheSassy LeapFrog Baby Curious Crab Rattle is assimilated withzero small parts so as to pose NO choking hazard especially forbabies who tend to experiment with the mouth almost always.

Despite offering a soft and hard array of parts, the rattle iscompletely safe for even very young babies.

Sensory stimulation - The curious crab comes with six colorfultoes that crinkle when manipulated. The beads in the toes combinewith the crinkle sensation to tease the child's finger nerves,while at the same time driving the cause and effect relationshiphome.

The rattling sound is a great auditory stimulator, while thelovely red, blue, green, yellow shades combine to brighten upyour child's vision.

The hollow smile of the crab makes for a perfect grip, whichallows the child great comfort while playing with the rattle.

The curious crab emerges as a cut above the typical 'sound only'rattles by adding visual and textural stimulation to the toy.

Top Baby Toys #2

Babies need toys to keep them entertained as well as allow theirmental and physical growth.

The Lamaze PeekaBoo Clutch Cube is one such toy that envelopesseveral aspects of baby development into one contraption.

Let's have a closer look at this educational baby toy…Top Baby Toys

Safety - The toy is in a shape of a cube but has absolutely nosharp edges. It is completely padded on all sides and has no hardor small parts with which the infant could hurt herself.

Even if your child throws the cube around, it is unlikely tobreak or come apart.

Sensory stimulation - The cube is enveloped in fabrics of severaldifferent patterns and colors. These contribute immensely towardsvisually stimulating the child.

There are several textures all over the toy like satin andflannel, which tease the child's sensory nerves optimally.

The soft handles and rings provide for a comfortable grip, whichallows the child to manipulate the toy according to her desires,teaching her the hand eye co-ordination. The inside of the cubereveals a surprise mirror, which children love to play pee-ka-boowith.

The crinkly sound made by the panda combines with the green applesmell to excite the child's sense of touch and smell.

The Clutch Cube comes with a latch, which allows it to be placedanywhere right from the crib to the car seat too.

This 6 inch cube is easy to be carried around and emerges as awinner in entertaining children as well as educating them.

Top Baby Toys #3

Children start to discover as soon as they are born… and we asparents must facilitate them in this process as much as we can,of course keeping their safety in mind.

The Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattle/ Foot Finder Set is one greattool that helps in this process from a very early start

Here are the great things about this baby toy…Top Baby Toys

Safety and comfort - On the safety front, the wrist rattle/ footfinder set emerges as a winner. All the parts are baby soft andmade of materials that would not irritate the tender skin of thebaby.

The materials are safe and therefore pose no hazard to a teethingchild who may bite into the set frequently.

The manufacturers have kept in mind that the child must be ableto wear the set comfortably so as to enjoy it optimally.

Hand eye co-ordination - The set is a wonderful tool for thosebabies who are discovering their feet and hands.

While two pieces of the set go on the wrists the other two arefor the feet. As the child looks at them she is taken in by thelovely color scheme and wonderful toy bugs that are placed on thebands.

Needless to say this encourages the child to build on her handeye co-ordination while continuing on the road of discoveringparts of her body and then much more.

The set combines color and sounds to excite the child and keepher interested in the play, all the while providing her sensorystimulation.

All in all the set seems perfect a perfect tool for enhancing achild's need for discovery.

Top Baby Toys #4

Mirrors are extremely fascinating for children, yet they pose asevere safety issue and therefore we do not allow them to playwith it.

But, with the Lamaze First Mirror, things have changed. Top Baby Toys

Safety - Indeed safety is of primary concern in such a toy. TheFirst Mirror has been manufactured by adopting a high qualitymirror, which is unbreakable and completely baby safe.

The mirror is framed with a soft padded cloth, which ensures thatthe child does not hurt herself with any sharp parts.

Sensory/Mental Stimulation - The mirror is developed without anyadded frills or toys in order to allow the child's mind to focuson the reflective abilities if the toy itself.

Infants love to see their reflection in the mirror and squeakwith delight as they play pee- ka- boo with their own image. Thisis exactly the why this toy is a great aid to encourage tummytime and eventually... crawling.

Indeed, such a toy brings out the child's imagination and fulfilsher creativity and discovery needs. The bright orange and yellowframe enhances the child's visual capacities without distractingthe child from the main mirror play.

Parent friendly - The First Mirror has been designed to suit boththe child's and the parent's needs. It size makes it easilyportable while the mirror can conveniently removed and cleaned soas to avoid germs.  

In short the First Mirror is ideally suited for children rightfrom birth onwards.

The adapter straps work well when the child is on her back, whilethe soft wedge support is perfect for tummy time play.

Top Baby Toys #5

Imagine a toy that you could place in an overhead position, whichyour newborn could both watch and listen to.

Fisher Price has gone a step beyond such an imagination andactually created the Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile.

It's really a great stimulation toy for newborns and older.

Here's what's great about this toy…Top Baby Toys

Safety - The musical mobile can be fastened securely on to a criband is designed to be positioned safely above the child's reach.The parts are non toxic and fairly large in size, which makes thetoy safe for children right from birth upwards.

Sensory Stimulation - As the name suggests, the toy is basicallyof a musical nature, but this is not all.

There are three modes of operation and while the 10 and 12minutes of motion, light and music are perfect for soothing thechild into dreamland, the 18 minute combination is a bull' eye
for extended play times.

The shiny leaf and the peek a boo playing dragon-fly excite thechild's mind and visually stimulate her too.

The colors on the mobile are created using a mix of soothingshades that are visually exciting too.

Parental control - The toy comes with a great remote control thatallows parents to control the mode of the toy and switch it onand off from a distance too.

So once your light sleeper has fallen off to sleep, simply usethe remote to switch of the mobile without disturbing her.

The toy comes across are a delightful contraptions, which isadaptable enough to stimulate children right from birth to theirtoddling years.

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Top Baby Toys #6

Today we look at a unique activity center for your baby. Andyou know by now, these educational toys are really great forteaching a number of baby skills.

As children grow, their need to investigate and discover takes ona larger form. Stated differently, a child who can stand uprightneeds to be exposed to much more than a baby who has not yetlearnt to sit up.

However, carrying the child around can be a difficult job toaccomplish this. It would be nice to have a table full of severalactivities, around which the child could walk, choosing andpicking what she likes.

The Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station isexactly this and much more.

This is a perfect stimulation toy for babies aged about 6 monthsto at least 15 months.

Here's what's great about this toy:Top Baby Toys

Physical development: The activity station is designed withspecial attention to developing the walking skills of the child.

Instead of placing the child in a stationary chair in the centerof the table, the station adopts a different approach andpositions the seat on the outside to let the baby walk around the
activity table.

But please note: this is NOT a toy to stimulate your child towalk!

Mental stimulation: Apart from the physical advantage of thestation, there are several other benefits too.

While the bendable toys encourage the child's tactile facilities,the momentum toys cultivate the comprehension of the cause andeffect relationship.

The piano that plays in three modes is both upbeat and catchy andis perfect for auditory input.

There is a magnetic drawing board and various shapes andcharacters to tease the child's imagination and creatingfacilities. The station comes in a riot of colors like orange,blue, green, yellow, which contribute immensely in stimulatingthe child's visual facilities.

The Around We Go Activity Station does have the option of lockingthe child seat right in front of the snack tray and the piano fortimes when you want the child to eat and play at the same time.

On the whole, the activity station does emerge as the perfectstation for your child's activities and though adult supervisionis very important when a child plays on the station.

It does allow the child to be free and independent at the sametime.

But there's one proviso… don't overdo things by keeping yourchild tied to this toy for too long.

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Top Baby Toys #7

Music is to the soul what oxygen is to the physical Being.

Even newborn children seek comfort from simple melodies that theyare exposed to and most of us find ourselves singing our infantsto sleep rather often.

The Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes is a toy that is developedkeeping this need of the child in mind, along with much more.

This toy is typically suitable for newborns and up at least 12months old.

Here's what's great about this toy…Top Baby Toys

Safety - Since the toy is targeting children from birth onwards,the manufacturers have paid special attention to the safetyaspect of the gadget.

The material used for the toy is completely safe and poses notoxic danger to the child.

The contraption is free from loose small parts that may causechocking.

Comfort - Toys must be comfortable for children to interact with,if the optimum advantage is to be reaped. Takealong Tunesensures that the grip is perfected for tiny hands and thus comesup with an easy to hold caterpillar handle.

Auditory/ sensory stimulation - The toy offers seven differentclassical modes of music, which have been made 'baby friendly'and can be easily browsed through by one single large button.Right from Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini, Takealong Tunesoffers it all.

The music is undoubtedly designed to excite and build the child'smusical facilities and seems to be doing a good job of it.

The light and sound combination helps to develop the child'scause and effect connection rather well, thus combining thechild's auditory and visual stimulation for perfect results.

The toy comes across as a wonderful tool to calm you child downand its size adds tremendously to its portability advantage. Andby the way... this one has been a top selection for quite sometime now!

Go here, for more information.

Top Baby Toys #8

What is it about cuddly soft toys that make them so popular with children? 

In short, these toys satisfy a child’s need to cuddle and also allow her imagination to fly unhindered. The Baby Einstein Octoplush is one such cuddly that combines sound and texture for optimum benefits.

Here’s what’s great about the Octoplush…Top Baby Toys

Safety – Being a toy targeting even the youngest of babies, the Octoplush designed keeping safety in mind. The body is completely softened with no hard parts that may hurt the child in any way.

Stimulation - The small cuddly is not only designed to fulfill the child’s needs to hug and cuddle but also stimulates her senses tremendously.

The velour and satin legs provide textural stimulation for the child.

The gentle melody that the toy gives out when hugged, promotes cause and effect learning along with soothing the child.

For older children, the toy is a great learning tool, since each arm carries a different color that is repeated by the toy when the arm is pressed. Right from English, Spanish to French the toy offers it all, making it highly flexible.

The background color of the toy is a lovely blue, so as to stress on the others color dots specifically, without confusing the child at all.

The toy has a pleasant smile on its face, which makes it quite adorable and attractive to children.

The Octoplush is a great cuddly that helps your child learn colors, develop tactile facilities and most of all... enjoy her play time with theOctoplush

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