Top Educational Baby Toy

Today we look at: A top educational baby toy.

What's So Great About This Toy?

One of the things I advise parent to look for when choosing a good educational baby toy is to select one that gives a good learning experience over a long period. Stated differently, a good toy is one that teaches and develops a number of skills over a long period. Not only does this make good 'learning' sense, but it is also good value for money.

One such toy is the Fisher Price Singing Star Gym. By now you must know that I like activity gyms for stimulating baby development very much, mainly since they teach such a wide range of skills. And this gym is no exception. It is a great combination of contrasting colors, textures, lights and sound… all of which are used to stimulate and draw attention.

Best Age For This Toy

Now, if you go to Developmental Baby Toys, look at the ages and specific toys suggested. You'll notice that activity toys and centers are surefire toys for very young babies.

Very, very young babies (say, from about 3 or 4 weeks) can get a great develop experience with this toy. Go to and look at the photo of the little baby playing on his back with the ball. Now, that activity is critical to physically prepare the lower body areas for crawling, standing and walking.

Great Benefits

The Singing Star Gym does exactly that... only better. It encourages your baby to bat and swing at the bright and attention-getting dangling toys while lying on his back. It does not take much effort to create some response. These actions help develop his coordination and physical abilities. One more advantage of this gym is that it plays 10 different melodies thereby stimulating hearing perception and keeping your baby occupied much longer than with a ball.

What I like about this gym is that even when your child is a bit older (a few months) and start sitting up, the keyboard adjusts to the right height. This stretches the learning period still a bit further and obviously means more value for your money. The position of the gym can be changed. It can be used when the baby is lying down, with the rattles hanging. Then is can be tilted at 45 degrees for sitting him in a bouncer or a car seat. Turn it to 90 degrees when he's standing. And by changing the legs set up, it can be placed for playing while your child is sitting.g.

Although I'm not certain of the exact number, there are at least 6 sound modes. This ranges from:

  • one button playing a whole song

  • pressing buttons that triggers a song to repeat, and...

  • one button triggering a single tone... almost like a keyboard

The Singing Star Gym is very well-built. But that does not mean it was made to balance or lean on! Oh, and it really is EASY to put together.

What About Value For Money?

Your child will love this toy. It is good stimulation for just about everything except tummy time. I estimate that most parents would get at least one year's learning and development value from it... some up to about 3 years (with one child only!).

What About Quality?

As with all Fisher Price toys, manufacturing quality is superb… so it will surely last to stimulate and encourage your second and third child.

The Fisher Price Singing Star Gym is really a one of the top educational baby toys!

Until next time, God bless!

Dalene Joubert

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top educational baby toy