Tummy Sleeper

by Carla Vieira

My baby is a tummy sleeper and will only sleep in this position. We tried several times to put him to sleep on his back. During the next 4 weeks I hardly had any sleep at all. We eventually gave up and again put him on his tummy. He is just 4 months old, a restless sleeper and always climbs the cot up and down by pushing his bum up by using his feet. He then often gets stuck in the cot corners when his arms and legs are caught on the cot sides. He is not yet capable of freeing himself. Any suggestions of how I can solve this problem?

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Restless Sleeper
by: Margaret Watson

It was a shock when my second child was such a restless sleeper after my first child being such a good sleeper. So I do understand your anxiety and tiredness. Some suggestions:

- Try, if your baby is still small enough, to make up the cot sideways so that the baby lies sideways and does not have so much room to maneuver.
- Using blackout curtains, even during day time naps, will mean that if your child does wake he quickly falls back to sleep.
- Padded cot bumpers ensure that he cannot get his arms through the bars and get stuck. But do take care that these have Velcro fasteners rather than tapes which can get tangled up in a child's fingers.

Sooner than you think he will be growing and his sleeping patterns will change. Don't get into the trap of going in every time and chatting with your baby. Just, silently, wrap him up again and shut the door and go to sleep.

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