Tummy Time Sleeping

by Sudha Rayadurgam
(Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India.)

My baby is 3 and half months old. I understand that my baby should now be tummy time sleeping. Usually babies fall back on to their tummies and try to crawl or play with toys sleeping on their tummy. But my baby has still not done that. I can put him on the floor thinking he'll do that very soon, but while he's on the floor he does not even try to sleep on his tummy.

Why is it so? Should I be doing something now to encourage tummy time sleeping? Any suggestions or comments?

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Here Is What I Did
by: Siah's mommy

Really, tummy time is nothing to stress about! Here is what I did... when my baby boy would fall asleep in my arms, I would put him on the floor (do not use fluffy cushions or thick blankets!) on his tummy. I would put small toys around him come time for him to wake up for him to be greeted by.

Gradually he began to become aware of his surroundings, TOYS! yea!!! and started reaching out for them, then before I knew it he was loving his tummy time!

And from there it was history! Of course, I would get down there with him to say hello and interact with him.

Starting tummy time can be so easy! You're the mommy, you know how to do it best for your baby.
I hope my way will give you some ideas to help your baby ease into his or her own style of tummy time!

Tummytime Sleeping
by: Anonymous

Tummy time is not the position for babies to sleep in. But when they are awake you should encourage them to lie on the tummy.

Your baby should do it soon. The more often you try the sooner s/he will be able to lift its head. Just don't give up! Or if it fits your budget you can also buy a tummytime mat. Just lay your baby down. Given enough time, your baby will eventually lift his/her head and start to crawl.

Tummy Time Is Most Important
by: Lynette van Wyk

Tummy time is most important for your baby. Put him on his tummy on a flat surface whenever he is awake and happy and offer him a safe mirror to look at or your own face at his level.

This helps baby to develop strong head control and will help him to be able to sit up and crawl when he is a little older. The more often you do this, the better your baby's head control will develop.

There is, however no reason why your baby should sleep on his tummy. Although there is a lot of controversy about this, doctors now recommend that your baby rather sleep on the sides of his body. This should also be alternated so that he develops both sides of the body.

But let him spend some time on his tummy as often as he is happy to do so and reward him with interesting things to keep him occupied.

Happy tummy time!

Tummy Time Sleeping
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure what advice you have been given about this, but in accordance with SIDS guidelines it is safest for babies to sleep on their backs, at least until they start rolling over and then they'll sleep however they like.

Tummy time is recommended to help develop muscle tone and this is usually done during playtimes when baby is awake. However, my son hated spending time on his tummy and could only handle very short periods.

Try putting down toys that encourage baby to play on their tummy, e.g. a mat with things to pull on etc. If they don't like this you can put baby tummy down on your chest and have some time talking and making noises together.

I would forget entirely about baby having to sleep on their tummy unless there is a medical reason for this that has been discussed with your doctor.

Crawling Tips
by: Aida

Try some of the crawling tips suggeted on the "Get Baby Crawling" link on the left menu. But you shouldn't worry too much yet. Your baby is still very small to force anything nor to assume it is behind in anything.

Personally I would wait to have a baby sleep on its belly for safety reasons. That is unless the surface is hard and flat and you are right there. A baby can smother itself due to lack of strength to pull out of that position.

Try a few minutes (5 at the most at first) of tummy time. Lie infront of the baby to encourage and cheer on. The position is troublesome for babies due to the strength it requires and because they are still learning about their own feelings regarding their environment. So be patient and playful.

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