Tummy time struggle

My first observation of a baby on his tummy doing tummy time was disconcerting. After understanding the value of this exercise I became more comfortable with it. But one person found my reaction insulting. My exact quote was: "The poor little kid has her face in the couch. She looks like she has a hard time breathing. She's struggling." Does saying this seem rude?

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Tummy time mirror
by: Reena Daruwalla

Yes it may have sounded a bit rude but then it is understandable - babies today lie on their back all the time... while sleeping, in car seats, swings etc. and so tend to struggle when they are on their tummies. They do have to put in a lot of effort to keep their heads up which tend to flop back down. The babies cannot see much of anything either. For these reasons some babies are not fond of tummy time.

But in the early months tummy time is about the only kind of work out they get. Tummy time is important for the development of certain muscles, of the arms and chest as well.

I used to put a small tummy time mirror at eye level when my kids spent time on the floor. It worked really well! Kept them engaged too.

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