How To Maximize Unborn Baby Development

Unborn baby development

It’s generally known that unborn baby development and growth start from the moment they are conceived.  In fact, the period in the womb is the highest degree of development a baby has in his or her lifetime.

Development goes from a single cell to many cells that ultimately differentiate into endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm and further into the parts of the body we recognize as the brain, the spinal cord, the body, the heart and the extremities, which increase in complexity as the baby develops.  

But, what’s not well known is that parents must do whatever they can to maximize growth and development during all aspects of embryonic and fetal development… thus, unborn baby development phases.

Here are things to AVOID during the growth phase

There are things a mother can do that negatively impact the child’s intellectual and physical development. 

Avoid smoking. Smoking is particularly hazardous to your baby’s development.  Smoking contain more than 2500 chemicals, some of which are dangerous to baby.  The baby is more likely to be born prematurely or smaller than average if the mother smokes.  The US Public Health Service indicates that if all of the 10 percent of women who currently smoke in pregnancy quit smoking, there would be an 11 percent reduction in stillbirth deaths and a 5 percent reduction in newborn deaths after birth. 

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol in pregnancy is similarly dangerous and can negatively affect the development of your baby.  There is a condition called fetal alcohol syndrome that occurs in infants whose mothers drank during pregnancy. This condition affects both the intellect and physical appearance of the child. 

Fortunately there are also a few things you can do to improve your baby's  

Here are things to DO during the growth phase 

Ensure enough prenatal vitamins. One of the best things a mother can do to enhance unborn baby development is to take adequate prenatal vitamins.  Besides the usual vitamins you’ll find in a regular vitamin, prenatal vitamins are chock full of folic acid, calcium and iron. And all these things are important to the development of your baby. 

Folic acid, specifically, is necessary for the closure and development of the spinal cord and brain.  Not enough folic acid (also called folate) means that the baby can develop an abnormality known as spina bifida or anencephaly. 

Ensure adequate minerals. Calcium is important for the baby’s bony development.  Normally, babies are born with their bones only partly developed and then completes outside the womb.  Nevertheless, calcium is vital to the strengthening of the bones and development of the unseen teeth. 

Iron is important to blood development.  We need iron for all our red blood cells so it is needed from the time the baby has its first blood cell.  Other minerals are important to develop good cellular structure and development of bodily structures.

Stimulate unborn baby development. There are specific things parents can do to stimulate and encourage their baby’s intellectual development while still in the womb.  Research has shown that babies can hear by the eighteenth week. It has also been shown that music enhances your child’s neurons and gives them stimulation in the womb, which is normally a boring place to hang out in. 

So, begin around the 18th week to play music and talk to your baby. Your baby soon learns to recognize and be soothed by your voice, both when still in the womb and once s/he is born. You will definitely give your baby a valuable headstart.

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