I'm worried that my daughter might be undernourished and lacking all the essential vitamins that she needs. My daughter was born weighing 7lbs 1oz and is now 8 months, but weighs only 15 lbs. I started her on solids just 1 week before she was 6 months, but she doesn't really like to eat. She barely eats one tablespoon of baby cereal. She's very picky most of the time and mostly only wants breast milk. Even though she seems to be OK, I'm concerned that she might be undernourished. I would really appreciate any advice.

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by: Anonymous

Ideas regarding undernourishment change over the years. I am on round two for raising children. My youngest in the first round is 17years old. We now have a 10 month old baby and a 21 month old toddler we are adopting. When my 17 year old was an infant, the practice and rule of thumb was to wait until the child was older to introduce solids and instead predominately breastfeed. His weight at one year was 18 pounds almost exactly double his birth weight. That was considered normal and well nourished. He now is 5'11" and is a healthy young man who still is thin.

If your daughter is nursing and you are eating well balanced regular meals and taking vitamins, your daughter will be well nourished. When she is interested in solids, she will let you know. My 17 year old did not want babyfood, he wanted food as similar as we were eating at the table. And then he really ate once he was able to do that. I hope this helps.

Baby weight gaining
by: Reena

Baby weight gaining is interesting. I think some babies just seem to need less food, and take more time to gain weight since they are meant to gain less (it is probably their genetics).

So long as your baby is happy and healthy otherwise, and is more on less on schedule mastering her milestones, you ought not to worry. Besides, I think the rule of thumb for weight gain is: birth weight should double by 6 months and triple by 12 months. I think that as long as she is taking as much of breast milk as she needs she should be just fine!

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