Walk In Guard Position

by Julie

My 21 month old toddler still walks in "guard position" by balancing with his arms. He started walking 2 weeks past his first birthday. Is the arm position normal and when do toddlers usually walk with their arms down by their sides? What can you suggest to help him develop this skill?

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Guard position walking
by: Amber

I was concerned too about this guard position walking. My son started walking at 16 months and still walks with his arms up guarding himself from a fall. I have noticed that he is very careful about a lot of things he does. He will observed things before he touches them. And when he does, he is very careful. I am glad to hear I am not the only mom who is wondered about this. He will hold things while he walks, but if his hands are free they are in the guarding position. I feel better now about it. Thanks. I hope this comment helps you too.

Walking in guard position
by: Anonymous

Maybe he is just doing it out of habit ? that is the way he learnt how to walk and that is the way he still wants to do it? Or maybe he is a naturally careful boy who instinctively is doing all he can to prevent falls?

Try and see if he will carry something across the room using both his hands. That should put your mind at rest.

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