Wheezy and Difficult to Breathe

by Dawn
(South Africa)

My grandson is five months old and is breastfed, but he is constantly very wheezy and finds it difficult to breathe.

His mother is a smoker. Could this be causing his tight chest?

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by: Anonymous

My daughter is now 5 years old she started wheezing about the same age. It looked like her chest was barely moving when she breathed. She was diagnosed with asthma and is being treated for it. She now leads a normal and active life.

Baby Wheezing
by: Sonali Sadiq

Have you been able to check when exactly he finds it difficult to breathe? Do you have a lot of fur toys around him? He can very likely be allergic to dust or another allergen causing difficulty to breathe.

I recommend that you list the symptoms first in a order & then take him to his doctor. Thinking that smoking is causing the wheezing might not be a fact. Meanwhile use a heigh pillow for him while he is sleeping to make breathing easier.

Take him to a doctor immedately before it becomes a problem.

Wheezing baby
by: Kylie

Smoking could be contributing to the wheeze of your grandchild, especially if mum smokes inside the house, in the car or around the baby even if outside.

I myself am a smoker, but do not smoke around my son, and regretfully took it back up again after I had him.

If the wheezing is chronic like suggested, I do question the fact there is no mention of the baby not having been to a doctor.

My son developed a wheeze overnight and the very next day I had him at the doctor. It turned out he had bronchialitis, which can be a pre-cursor to asthma, something they are loathe to diagnose while baby's airways are small. But to get it diagnosed as each bout occurs builds up a history so that when the time comes they know that it isn't an isolated incident.

Possibly Asthma
by: Anonymous

Have you considered that what you're seeing is possibly asthma? I know that they say 2nd hand-smoke is a whole lot worse than 1st hand. I would possibly look into asthma and try to avoid the potential causes. But regardless, inhaling any kind of smoke cannot be good for any baby.

Try to eliminate the potential causes of asthma, see what happens and then let us know. It would be interesting to know.

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